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What Leverage Has to Offer


     In 30+ Years, Principal, Mike Alesandrini has served as

  • Executive Officer (CEO, CFO, Director)
  • Program & Project Manager (Certified)
  • Facilitator/Intermediary, Lobbyist & Regulator


     Alesandrini is accomplished in the fields of

  • Government & Regulatory Relations
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Policy & Compliance 
  • Banking & Real Estate

Service, Value and Confidence

Leverage will      

  • Advise, plan, support, manage or advocate as needed
  • Expedite desired outcomes by focusing on both the substance of a client’s objectives and the context in which that substance might be addressed, managed or adjudicated by others 
  • Facilitate a path forward in even the most inhospitable or bureaucratic circumstances (see testimonials below)   

Document Library

The Document Library contains Leverage collateral materials and may from time to time contain files of interest to Leverage Clients and Colleagues.

Services Provided by Leverage

Government & Regulatory Relations

Regulatory Affairs *      

  • Strategic Planning       
  • Compliance & Permitting Support 
  • Advocacy & Intermediation   

     Legislative & Executive Affairs *      

  • Strategic Planning       
  • Advocacy & Lobbying
  • Facilitation & Intermediation 


 Multi-jurisdictional & Regional Collaboration *      

  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Facilitation & Intermediation
  • Program Management & Support          

*  Local, State & Federal  

Economic Development

Due Diligence 

  • Gap Analysiis 
  •      Evaluate Resources
  •      Needs Assessment 


Strategic & Tactical Planning

  • Establish Goals & Objectives
  • Create Program Execution Plan
  • Articulate Implementation Strategy

   Community Involvement 

  • Outreach & Education
  • Stakeholder Engagement   


  • Facilitation/Coordination of Local Stakeholders 
  • Application for & Administration of Incentive Programs 
  • Local, Regional, State and Federal Agency Collaboration  

Program/Project/Other Management


Program/Project/Task Management       

  • Due Diligence      
  • Creation of/Response to Solicitations  
  • Development of Scope, Budget & Schedule
  • Program/Project/Task Execution

     Other Management Support

  • Communications Management:       Internal & External      
  • Environmental Management & Sustainability Planning
  • Grant Writing & Administration
  • Policies & Procedures Development   
  • Litigation Management            

Value Added by Leverage

Problem-Solving Approach

  • Compatibility of Substance & Context - Leverage develops effective approaches to problem-solving by viewing a Client’s objectives in the light of situational context – focusing on how the substance of those objectives might be addressed, managed or adjudicated by others. Optimally, substance should be defined and presented in a fashion consistent with prevailing situational context. Correspondingly, modification of context - which may or may not be feasible - may be desirable to increase the likelihood that the substance will be considered favorably. Regardless of the approach, Leverage has found greatest success in being mindful of and proactively attentive to the compatibility of substance and context.


  • Proactive Facilitation of Deliberative Process - Incorporated in Leverage’s approach to problem-solving is the recognition that, too frequently, negotiations stall or deliberations garner unsatisfactory outcomes as a result of seemingly logical, yet erroneous assumptions about the perspectives and intentions of “other parties.”  Such assumptions are frequently, and perhaps legitimately, rooted in an individual’s or institution’s historical experiences in comparable situations; or based in unfamiliarity with those other parties – as currently constituted and represented.  Leverage has found success in expediting the deliberative process by identifying potential sources of misinterpretation, misunderstanding or mistrust; and proactively mitigating same through clarifying communications and facilitated personal/institutional relationship enhancement. While substantive differences of opinion may well remain – and the parties may or may not develop affinity for one another (not a prerequisite to success); resolution is expedited by focusing energy and attention on the substantive differences and eliminating time and resources wasted on conflicts that don't actually exist.                     

Primary Focus Areas  

  • Government Relations - A thorough understanding of i.) how government process works and ii.) what motivates government officials in the execution of their respective job responsibilities; is critical to consistent and effective engagement of “the government” – both regulatorily and politically.  Leverage possesses that understanding as well as the ability to lend informed perspective on protocols, personnel and political climate affecting decisions that could impact you.    

  • Economic and Community Development - Leverage excels at connectivity; helping to put the right people around the right table in the right environment to facilitate successful outcomes. Leverage can help coordinate local talent, ideas and energy as well as identify and engage public and private sector resources – available at local, state and federal levels – necessary to support effective economic development efforts.   

  • Program/Project/Task Management - Program, project & task management are fundamentally tied to thoughtfully developed, well articulated and prudently controlled scope, budget and schedule. Effective management requires routine and thorough communication of expectations/feedback to project team members, and progress/results to clients (and stakeholders if so directed). Leverage has the expertise (executive and certified project management) to execute work plans and communicate as appropriate to produce successful outcomes.   

  • General Management Support - Leverage provides support for an array of potential management challenges based on 30+ years of executive, program and project management experience. Leverage provides insight, perspective and subject matter expertise, as well as attendant service to satisfy a client’s ad hoc management needs.     

  • Parkland Development Collaborative - The Southeast Missouri region is known for its association with the mining industry. It has long been recognized for an abundance of natural resource-based recreational opportunities as well.  Management of each and reconciliation of both legacies for the well-being of the region are top priorities of local, state and federal leadership in both the public and private sectors.    Leverage, by virtue of its Principal’s personal interest in the region and professional familiarity with salient issues and stakeholders, is committed to serving as a private sector vehicle for proactive, strategic and collaborative approaches to improve stewardship, public health and economic vitality in the region.  

Confidence in Leverage

Why should you be confident with Leverage?

What is Leverage?

  • "The advantageous condition of having a relatively small amount of cost yield a relatively high level of return.”   
  • “The power or ability to act on or to influence people, events, decisions …”   

Alesandrini is adept at leveraging his unique blend of public and private sector experience to best position clients for success. His institutional knowledge, management expertise and network of public and private sector colleagues enable him to advise, plan, support or lead in complement to a client’s existing capabilities.  He is best known for his ability to facilitate productive communication and collaboration in circumstances characterized by tumult, uncertainty or potential obstruction.   

What say Clients & Colleagues:

   “Mike has professional experience in business and government. He has expertly organized coalitions of people/organizations with different backgrounds and interests to achieve common goals. He has extraordinary skills as a facilitator and a deep understanding of policy issues.”  

  David Wilson; Senior Manager - Environment and Community Planning, East-West Gateway Council of Governments     


“Mike is really amazing at working simultaneously with groups that may have different perspectives and interests, helping them to see commonalities and how they are able to work together. He is extraordinary in his ability to assess situations and come up with innovative, efficient and logical ways to address challenges and problems. He is a great communicator and extremely tactful and thoughtful in even the most tense and tenuous of situations, and is able to deal with very delicate balances that are inherent in how businesses and government often interact with each other. He is well-versed in Politics and politics and is a quick learner, and is able to do a great job at accomplishing most any task, while making everyone else involved feel like they should get the credit.” 

  Susannah Fuchs; Program Director, American Lung Association      


“Mike has the ability to understand the big picture and develop the necessary pieces of the puzzle to make the project successful. Due to Mike's sound integrity, he is respected and trusted by those around him.” 

 Steve Hoven; System VP - Government Affairs & Public Policy, SSM Health      


“I have known Mike for 19 years and worked within the same department for 6 of those years while both of us were employed at the St. Louis RCGA. Mike has many talents, but his ability to bring people together to resolve difficult issues and situations is quite unique. Mike is a great listener, has an ability to empathize with people on both sides of an issue, and remains calm under pressure. I believe his negotiating skills are superb. Mike can handle any task on his own, yet he is a real team player and will offer his assistance to others when warranted -- I benefited from this generosity personally. Mike's breadth of experience provides him with unique capability to succeed in a broad array of careers.” 

  Denise Hasty; Vice President - Advocacy & Public Relations, Associated General Contractors   


  "Having the opportunity to work with Mike on a number of proposals, I have found his presentation skills to be stellar and he demonstrates a work ethic that is second to none. His people skills are top-notch and I would welcome his advisory skills anytime based on his accomplished background and experience."

   Doug Bice; Market Development Director, United Sorghum Checkoff Program 


“Mike has always provided a logical and balanced approach to his work. Mike has always provided sound advice and works as hard as anyone I know. Mike welcomes the big problems by attacking them and thinking outside the box. He is not afraid to bring in new people or new ideas to solve old or new problems.” 

  Josh Campbell; Executive Director, Missouri Energy Initiative       


Resume - Summary

Work History

Principal - Michael Alesandrini  30+ year career features     

  • Executive management in finance & real estate industries
  • Public policy leadership engaging local, state & federal; elected, administrative & agency officials
  • Project management (Certified); Business & economic development  
  • State and federal regulatory responsibilities in banking & environmental protection      

Summary of Work History   (Full resume in Document Library)

             2017: Principal; Leverage Management Solutions

2009 – 2016: Senior Consultant & Project Manager; St. Louis office of AECOM (formerly URS                         Corporation) 

2005 – 2009: Ombudsman; Office of the Director, Missouri Department of Natural Resources 

1996 – 2005: Director - Environmental Affairs, Lobbyist, & Acting Sr. Vice President for                         Technology & Workforce Development; St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth                         Association  

1994 - 1996: Director; Strategic Property Solutions

1990 - 1994: Managing Agent; Resolution Trust Corporation

1987 - 1990: Assistant Vice President; Security Federal Savings & Loan Association

1984 - 1987: Examiner; Federal Home Loan Bank & Illinois Savings & Loan Commission



  • Knox College, B.A., 1984 - Majors: Business Administration & Psychology
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Board Certifications, 1985 & 1986 – including:             Senior Finance; Fundamentals of Auditing; & Real Estate Appraisal Review
  • URS Project Manager Certification, 2014
  • MODOT Local Public Authority Basic Training - LPA Certification, 2017

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